McGregor Absolutely Destroys Faber, Plans Move To 155



Listen, I’m a HUGE Conor McGregor fan, but even someone with a furious hatred toward him must admit that Urijah just shit his pants on live television. If this is any indication of how The Ultimate Fighter is going to go, it’ll be the end of Urijah Faber. 

The talk about Dillashaw is interesting, though. I’ve seen lots of people say that Dillashaw could whoop McGregor’s ass. There’s no way. I LOVE Dillashaw, but someone who could fight at 125 isn’t going to win against someone who is about to move up to 155. It’s just not going to happen.

The move to 155 for McGregor shouldn’t surprise anyone, he’s been talking about it for a while. With the IV ban, I wouldn’t be surprised if Aldo moves up too. Conor’s current weight cut makes him look like an entirely different person: ConorWeightCutThere’s one more thing I need to address: everyone is talking about how Chad Mendes on a full camp would dominate Conor McGregor. That is entirely possible. Chad was winning the fight in July before getting gassed enough for Conor to knock him out. But I don’t want to hear how Chad stays in such great shape in between fights. You don’t get to brag about the shape you’re in 24/7, and blame a loss on the shape you were in. One or the other, not both.

Video Credit: UFC Tonight, Fox Sports 1


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