Bernie Sanders Watches Wrestling, Earns Respect Of The Boys

Bernie Sanders went to support the REAL workers in his own backyard yesterday. Really sticking it to Vince Jr for putting Kane in the main event picture again, and it worked. Sanders not only just made an impact on the wrestling world, he made an impact on America. The story to come out today?

Huffington Post- Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) narrowed the gap with former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in a new NBC/Wall Street Journal poll.

In the poll, conducted among Democratic primary voters Sept. 20-24, Clinton led Sanders 42 percent to 35 percent.

That’s right. You show respect for the boys, they’ll show it right back. Sources tell me independent wrestlers all over the country are now backing Sanders, and plan on starting a ProWrestlingTees store for him, full of hilarious parody shirts.

Sanders claims if elected President, he’d form a working relationship with Japan to “Bring Strong Style To America”, and bashed Donald Trump for wanting to build a wall between the US and Mexico.

“Why does Donald Trump want to build a giant wall between the United States and Mexico? He’s afraid of change. Donald had one bad experience with TripleMania this year, and it’s shied him away from Mexican wrestling. I’ve seen the potential of luchadors in the US for years”, Sanders stated, “Just look at the most recent Battle of Los Angeles. Everyone was upset some of the PWG regulars weren’t booked. Donald Trump hated the fact that guys from Lucha Underground were there. What happened? Pro Wrestling Guerrilla put on three of the greatest shows I’ve ever seen. A gentleman in the crowd bought everyone pizza out of pure respect. That doesn’t happen if we watch the wrestling Trump wants us to.”

Donald Trump gave us no comment in response to Sanders’ allegations.


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