Jon Jones Not Going To Serve Any Jail Time, 18 Month Probation Instead

Per Brett Okamoto of ESPN,┬áJon Jones is going to face no jail time at all. Not one day. Nick Diaz smoked pot and can’t fight for five years, meaning his career is basically over. Jon Jones rammed into a preggo’s car while intoxicated, broke her arm in the process, fled the scene on foot, and he’s getting a slap on the wrist. The judge wasn’t mad, he was just disappointed.

How about this: After Jones was set free, his lawyer claimed that Jon “Bones” Jones fears for his safety and would like to carry a firearm. Arguably the most dangerous man on the planet fears for his safety?! There’s nobody that could possibly walk up to him, fight him, and win. The only use for a gun would be if another person had a gun, so does Jones think he’s just going to start getting into shootouts? Did he snort a line before saying that?

It’s not all going great for Jones, however. Once a week for the next 18 months he has to visit a youth group. Maybe the jail time doesn’t seem so bad.


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