Will Zack Sabre Jr. Be The Next WWE Signee?

Along with that tweet, WWE.com posted this Gabe Sapolsky quote on the Technical Wizard:

“I’ll go on the record as saying Zack is the best technical wrestler on the planet. The things that he can do to a man’s arms and legs make you cringe when you watch it. He bends them into such unnatural positions. He’s also an escape artist. It’s hard for other wrestlers to put holds on him, because he knows counter after counter after counter. When it comes to elite talent, Zack Sabre, Jr.’s at the top of the list right now.”

While WWE.com is known to post stories that appeal to “internet fans”, that tweet seems like it’s designed to introduce a new face. I hope so, too, because Zack Sabre Jr. is one of the best wrestlers on the planet. The guy knows every submission ever done and then some. Very few wrestlers are as fun to watch. If you’re not familiar with Sabre, I posted two videos below; one is some highlights from 2014’s Battle of Los Angeles, the other is a full match with Shinsuke Nakamura.


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