This Boy’s Reaction To Getting WWE Tickets Is Priceless!

Makes you stop judging the bad storytelling and writing flaws for a minute…

Adorable. The look of pure joy on his face when he realizes he’s going to see WWE action live, and then the tears when he realizes he’s going to see it sooner than he thought. Apparently Triple H has seen the video too, because he tweeted:

I’ve probably been to 40 or so WWE shows, and I still get excited when I step through that curtain and walk down to my seats (humming The Shield theme in my head, of course). My first show ever was the Monday Night RAW after Wrestlemania 20, and I was seated front row, right next to the timekeeper. I remember actually being afraid that I’d get hurt, or that a “bad guy” (as I called them at the time) would realize I wasn’t cheering for them and beat me up for it. Fast-forward eleven years later, to me going berserk for Seth Rollins cashing in his Money in the Bank briefcase to close out Wrestlemania this year. I think this picture of me says a thousand words about the rush of being at a live show, especially one as big as Wrestlemania…



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