TMZ Releases Ronda Rousey Airport Video

TMZ released a video of Ronda Rousey at the airport today, where she is covering up her face with a hoodie, her hair, sunglasses, and a pillow. Obviously, she doesn’t want to be seen right now, and I’m not posting the video. 

I’m not withholding it from the site because I feel bad for Ronda as much as I am because I hate TMZ. They’re the absolute scum of the Earth. It’s as simple as that. I don’t think as a mixed martial arts and pro wrestling website where I try to give you guys the news in a funny manner, I should support TMZ at all. Their job is to get in people’s faces with cameras and ask the dumbest questions they can think of. After that, they write misleading headlines to try to reel in the clickbait. The headline of the Rousey video was, “Ronda Rousey…I’M ASHAMED OF MY FACE!” It’s just so fucking dumb.

I’m not defending Ronda here, either. I’m a big fan of hers, but I think she got what was coming to her with the knockout. Part of me is glad she lost, because I think it’ll make her a better fighting. I’ve said that before, you all know it. I’m defending anyone who has to put up with paparazzi after going though something difficult. Hell, I’m defending anyone who has to put up with paparazzi at all.

I can make a promise to all of my readers right now, and say that The Squared Octagon will NEVER become what TMZ is. I don’t care if you think my writing sucks and hate the website, but I would care if I were compared to TMZ’s lazy-ass website. Please stop giving them publicity, MMA and pro wrestling sites. Please.




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