ONE FC’s Yang Jian Bing Dead After Weight Cut Complications

Very sad news on a weekend where everything in mixed martial arts should be happy. 

Dojo Drifter- Dojo Drifter has confirmed with official staff of San Juan De Dios Hospital, Pasay City that Yang Jian Bing has passed away. According to our interview with staff of the hospital, Yang arrived at their emergency room at 2:43PM of Thursday afternoon and was already “unconscious and non-responsive.” He was revived but would go “cold,” losing his pulse sporadically. At 12:06PM today, he was pronounce dead.

Super, super shitty news. We talk about the dangers of weight cutting all the time, but I don’t think anyone expected it to go this far, even though it happened a few years back. When I heard the news that Leandro “Feijao” Souza died in 2013, it was being reported as weight cut issues, but I thought there had to be some freak accident, and it wasn’t JUST because of the cut. Unfortunately, we’re seeing our second death in 2 years, and unless a big name dies, nothing will be done to prevent it.

Extreme weight cuts are the worst thing about MMA. Most fans just brush over cuts like Conor McGregor’s and chalk it up to, “It’s tough, but he does it!”. Conor McGregor should not be fighting at 145lbs, plain and simple. He walks around at 172lbs, and shrinks into a skeleton on the eve of his fights. Thankfully, with the IV ban, at least one scary weight cut will go away, and he is moving up to 155lbs.

Rest in Peace, Yang Jian Bing.


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