Nick Diaz’s Suspension Cut Back To 18 Months, $100,000 Fine

Well. It’s over. Nick Diaz’s suspension is now one that is reasonable, as is the fine he has to pay. Who do MMA fans go after next? Reebok? I hope it’s Reebok. 

(SPOILERS: It is Reebok. I’ll talk about it later in the blog)

After months of work, the Nevada State Athletic Commission had finally lifted Nick Diaz’s suspension to 18 months, down from 5 years. Diaz’s fine was also lowered from $165,000 to $100,000.

I’ve seen many online that are very upset that the ban didn’t get lifted completely, and that he has to pay a fine. Folks, that’s not how punishments work. Giving Diaz a 5 year, $165,000 penalty also isn’t how punishments work, but that’s not the point I’m trying to make. Nick Diaz just failed his THIRD drug test. Sure, it was shady, but when you’ve already failed 2 in the past, you don’t get to be given the benefit of the doubt. Diaz absolutely should have the suspension he has as of today, along with the fine he has. The 18 month suspension is from the date of his fight with Anderson Silva, so there’s a really good chance we’ll see Diaz fight this year.

Now, onto the Reebok stuff I mentioned earlier.

Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone made headlines this week when he was fined “well over $5,000” for wearing a strip of American flag on his Reebok Fight Kit. Nobody was happy with it, and he said they told him if he does it again, he can’t fight. Cowboy went on to say he doesn’t care, and he’ll do it anyway. He also challenged Reebok to donate the money he was fined to Wounded Warrior, or any military charity. (Side note: This is why you love Cowboy, people.) I doubt they’ll do that, because once it’s their money, Cerrone doesn’t get to decide what they do with it, but they should.

Nate Diaz was also fined for wearing jeans to the weigh-ins. So was Rafael dos Anjos for wearing an Evolve MMA shirt. These are absolutely preposterous things to fine them for. I kind of get it, but at the same time, fuck off.

A Reddit user, /u/tekprodfx16, created a petition to boycott Reebok, and it’s earned 32,000 signatures in just one day.


As you all know, Reebok and I have a hate/hate relationship, and here are two blogs I’ve written on them.

Anderson “The Spider” Aldo

Today In Reebok Mistakes

I absolutely encourage everyone to sign the online petition. Look what raising awareness did for Nick Diaz. We can change the Reebok/UFC deal. I promise you that.


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