UFC Releases Wanderlei Silva From His Contract

RIZIN, it’s up to you now. Book Fedor against another no-name, or give him The Axe Murderer. 

There’s only one way to go with this. I could sit here and talk about the Nevada State Athletic Commission and their lifetime ban, talk about how happy he was when he signed with the UFC, his career, blah blah blah. Nobody cares. All of that shit is in the past, and there’s one thing everybody wants to see: Wanderlei Silva vs Fedor Emelianenko. It’s so plausible it hurts. NSAC has no say in Japan, RIZIN needs a big fight for their April card, IT CAN HAPPEN! Enough booking Fedor against people so bad that I can’t even get excited for the fight. It was okay once, but no more. It’s ridiculous that I wasn’t excited for a FEDOR fight. FEDOR!!!

The ball is in their court now, to outbid Bellator, who I’m sure would like to sign The Axe Murderer. Also, RIZIN, if anyone with pull is reading this, I’d like to see Gabi Garcia vs Lei’d Tapa II. Maybe a third fight too. Possibly a forth. Please book this fight on every card you ever run. Ever. Until the end of time.


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