TNA Issues Idiotic Statement Regarding AJ Styles

TNA has officially become the crazy ex-girlfriend. 

Unfortunately, their WordPress website with a $50 theme keeps going down due to heavy traffic. Click here to visit the site, and check out the statement there. If you’re given an error message, you can read it below.

AJ Styles has always been synonymous with TNA and TNA synonymous with AJ Styles. AJ helped build the foundation of IMPACT WRESTLING, and his phenomenal body of work lives in our rich history – something we are very proud of.

In the last few weeks, rumors have swirled about AJ Styles, his future and TNA Wrestling. Fans have asked for the status and wrestling media have made numerous inquiries.

For the past several months, AJ and TNA were involved in serious discussions to bring him back home to TNA. Creative discussions escalated and two additional wrestlers, Drew Hankinson and Chad Allegra, were enthusiastically added.

These discussions culminated on December 14th in Nashville, Tenn., where all attended a meeting at Dixie Carter’s home. A handshake and written deal between AJ, Drew, Chad and TNA was agreed upon and signed by all. Start dates were determined, creative decided, merchandise designed and plane tickets purchased.

Over the Christmas holiday, and after the lawyers finalized the long form agreement, all communication with TNA stopped.

AJ’s lawyer contacted TNA and stated the wrestlers had changed their mind and would not be honoring their commitment to TNA.

Oh boy. Where do I even start with this monstrosity?

For one, there have been absolutely no rumors over the last few weeks about AJ Styles’ future in TNA Wrestling, or should I say IMPACT WRESTLING? I don’t know which one is correct, because neither do they. There haven’t been rumors about AJ Styles’ future in TNA since they gave him an insulting offer and he became the best wrestler in the world. This was so clearly posted as a bitter attempt to somehow hinder Styles’ debut this weekend. It’s such petty bullshit. Just when you think TNA can’t get any lower, they go and do something like this.

Now, onto the meat of their statement. Apparently AJ Styles, Doc Gallows, and Karl Anderson signed a written deal saying they’d be coming to TNA. It’s the first I’ve heard of it, and AJ’s management is denying it. There were some rumors about Anderson possibly coming close to a deal with TNA, but never to this extent. Let’s just say it is true, though, for the sake of this blog. If it’s true, TNA just admitted to contract tampering, and could get sued up the ass for it. They’d only be tampering with Karl Anderson’s contract in this particular situation, because AJ Styles and Doc Gallows both had per appearance deals with New Japan. Still, not a wise thing to put out in the public.

I mean, this whole thing wasn’t wise to put out there. Why would any wrestler work for TNA after seeing them disclose contract negotiation details?

Now, I’ve seen a lot of, “Why doesn’t TNA just sue them instead of posting this online?”. One, because they’re bitter pieces of shit and this is their way of playing the victim. Two, because with the details provided, they can’t sue. Signing a “written agreement” most likely means they signed a letter of intent, which is not binding in any way. The line about lawyers finalizing the “long form agreement” further supports this, because that means the lawyers wrote up contracts.

IMPACT WRESTLING is such a shitty company, and have been for years, so this didn’t surprise me at all, but that doesn’t make it any less terrible.

I can’t wait for AJ Styles to become more popular than he’s ever been this year, while TNA has to sit back and watch.


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