Before UFC on FOX, Watch Josh Barnett Get Attacked By A Luchador At Open Workouts

Disgusting act of violence right before Barnett’s big fight. Josh could have gotten very seriously. Luckily, The Warmaster was also trained in the masked man’s martial art of choice: professional wrestling. 

I love Josh Barnett. He’s one of the least hardo MMA fighters there has ever been. Not only does understanding professional wrestling help fighters and promoters, but it also makes them more likable.

Wrestlers are amazing athletes playing the role of a fighter. They’ve been doing so for much longer than MMA has even been around. But, for some odd reason, MMA fighters think that pro wrestlers take themselves way too seriously, never break kayfabe, and tell everyone that every match is a 100% legit fight. Whenever the topic is brought up, MMA fighters immediately brush it off and try to not even talk about it.

“Nah, that’s fake. What we do in here, in the octagon, this is the real shit. You try to step in our cage, you gonna get you’re ass whooped.”

You know how you could tell that most MMA fighters are the same? You can’t guess who that quote is from. The answer’s at the bottom of the blog.

Josh Barnett LOVES pro wrestling, though, and has had multiple matches. Hell, after his last fight, he said “Pro wrestling is alive!”. Just throwing a plug in for the ENTIRE business. He understands it. Which instantly makes him a more likable fighter. Then, because he understands it, he cuts a promo after the match to send the fans home happy, and sell some tickets to the show. The post-match encounter between The Warmaster and Luchador makes me think that Barnett is getting hit with a steel chair during his interview after the fight. I wouldn’t put it past him.

P.S. How fucking brutal did those bumps look?! That ring has Ian Rotten levels of give.

P.P.S. Was it just a coincidence that the heel luchador was wearing a Reebok logo? I doubt it.

Answer to “Who Said That Quote?”: It isn’t a real quote. But you thought it was.


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