UFC on FOX: Johnson vs Bader – Aftermath

Short Aftermath blog today due to last night’s lackluster event. 

The Good

Rumble Johnson’s Heavy Hands

Well that fight didn’t go like I thought it would. Of course I have to give credit to Anthony Johnson in this blog, because he knocked Ryan Bader the fuck out, but how much is there to write about? Bader went in with a bad game plan, and Rumble punched him until he died. Congrats to Anthony Johnson.

Ben Rothwell’s Submission Game

HOLY SHIT! Josh Barnett tapped out! Whaaaaaaat?! I couldn’t believe my eyes. The Warmaster tapped out…to Ben Rothwell!!! Shocking. Absolutely shocking. Big ups to Rothwell for locking in a DEADLY guillotine.

The Bad

Sage Northcutt’s Quick Tap

While Josh Barnett tapping out shocked me, Sage Northcutt tapping didn’t. However, how quickly Northcutt tapped when locked in a…headlock(?) was surprising. Alright, I know it wasn’t a headlock, but it surely wasn’t “locked in” either. Last time Northcutt fought, Cody Pfister held him down and he had no answer off his back. The referee stood them up in a very strange move. This time, the same thing happened. Can’t even really blame the kid, though. He’s not UFC caliber talent, but he’s going to be judged like he is.

Bryan Brayberena’s post-fight celebration was a straight-up savage move, too.

Ryan Bader’s Game Plan

Shooting for a terrible takedown only to be trapped under Anthony “Rumble” Johnson two seconds into the fight wasn’t the smartest thing I’ve ever seen. I was disappointed, not only because I picked Bader to win, but because I said he would be fighting “very smart”. Way to just prove me way wrong, Ryan.

P.S. Hope you didn’t die.


As if all the mistakes and fines weren’t enough, these monsters made Ben Rothwell take off his cloak right before his walkout. I am disgusted.

The Aftermath

I know this Aftermath blog has been weak, but there’s not much to say about this event.

Rumble Johnson will have to wait until Daniel Cormier vs Jon Jones goes down to find out what his future entails.

I think Rothwell gets Andrei Arlovski, not Stipe Miocic. Miocic has earned his title shot, and shouldn’t have to fight again before the strap is on the line.

Sage Northcutt obviously gets CM Punk.


I wish I could say the next UFC Aftermath blog would be a huge improvement, but that card isn’t exactly stacked either.


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