Jon Jones Given 3 Days Of Community Service For Traffic Violations

#andSTILL, an idiot. 

MMAFighting- On Monday, it was reported that Jones was cited for three traffic violations while on probation. The New Mexico Corrections Department will not levy a penalty toward Jones for those, according to public affairs coordinator Ashley Espinoza. However, Espinoza said Jones will receive three days of community service for “failing to report police contact and tickets.”

C’mon Jon. You’re supposed to be rebuilding you image after getting high and hitting that pregnant woman’s car and running from the scene. You’re supposed to make everyone forget that so you can come back to a loud ovation. You’re supposed to be a changed man. You even did an hour long interview with Ariel Helwani where you admitted all of your mistakes!

C’mon Jon.

Really though, seriously, just follow the law. It’s not hard to do. I’ve done it my entire life. It’s great! You never have to get arrested, never have to get called an idiot by millions of people. Actually, come to think of it, you’re a millionaire and I’m a blogger who needs another job to keep this website afloat. Maybe breaking the law all the time is the right way to go? In Jonny Bones’ case, there’s not even repercussions!

BRB, gonna go cut up my license. Don’t need that shit anymore.


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