Kimbo Slice Says Dada5000 Has “Baby Nuts” And Challenges Him To A Nut-Off

There’s many things in this life that I don’t know about. I do know, however, you don’t want to get into a nut-off with Kimbo Slice. 


While getting into a nut-off with Kimbo Slice is an even worse idea than fighting him (with seemingly no skill), I think that once he challenges you to one, you gotta just pull them out. There’s a slim chance that you’ve got bigger nuts, and a better chance that he doesn’t pull his out. So if you are the first to the draw on the nut-off, and he never even pulls the trigger, guess who just won the nut-off? You. I can tell you right now that if I was in a nut-off with Kimbo, I lose. Kimbo’s nuts probably need their own size XL MMA-gloves. Still, I’d have to take the chance and throw them right on Ken Shamrock’s shoulder for the world to see.



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