MMA Has Been Legalized In New York

Start spreading the news! 


FINALLY! MIXED MARTIAL ARTS HAVE COME BACK, eh, no, um, fuck it, let’s try that again…




FINALLY! MIXED MARTIAL ARTS HAVE COME TO NEW YORK CITY! That didn’t flow too well. I was going for The Rock’s thing there and when I wrote back-nah, forget it. That’s not important. MMA is finally legal in New York. I’m not going to go on a long spiel about how ridiculously stupid the sport being illegal was, because if you’re into the fight game enough to be reading this website, you already know. If by some weird chance you’re not familiar with the story of MMA and New York, Jim Genia wrote an absolutely fantastic piece on it. To be honest, it’s worth a read if even if you followed the whole saga. A bit lengthy, but engaging throughout. I’d say the first New York event will probably take place in October or November, headlined/co-headlined by Jon Jones and Chris Weidman. Possibly even Ronda Rousey’s return will be at The Garden. I’d love to be there, but ticket prices for Madison Square Garden shows are ridiculous. Only if I had a reader/listener base to help me out…

MMA has been brought to New York with a large backing from fans. Next, you could bring me to Madison Square Garden with just a small donation to my GoFundMe page!



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