UFC Fight Night: Rothwell vs Dos Santos – Halftermath

More like, UFC: Fight Day, amirite? 

Alright, so I can’t crank out an entire Aftermath blog for the fights today, for a few reasons. One, there wasn’t even a single great fight. Most weren’t even good. Seriously, there wasn’t even a Fight of the Night bonus given out. Two, not a ton of big names. I appreciate those of you who are taking the time to read this, but I promise you there’s like 12 of you. This was the battle of unknown fighters.

So I’m just going to share some thoughts.

Junior Dos Santos looked phenomenal. Best he’s looked in years, probably. His gameplan was designed to shut down Ben Rothwell’s offense, and it couldn’t have worked better. Beat Rothwell 50-45 on every card I’ve seen. Half of the punches thrown were to the body (a huge target for a guy like Rothwell), and the other half sent Big Ben to the hospital after the fight. Highlight of the fight had to be this kick at the end of Round 3, though.

Rothwell came out to this song, though:

…and that may have been the most perfectly fitting walkout song of all time. Reebok’s gotta get him a wizard robe Fight Kit ASAP.

Francis Ngannou vs Curtis Blaydes got stopped by doctors after Blaydes’ eye blew up like a blowfish, not allowing him to see in the slightest. He lied to the doctor, telling him he could see just fine, and I think he expected it to work. The doctor, like a doctor, made him prove it. He covered his left eye (the okay eye), held up one finger, and said, “How many fingers am I holding up?”. In hilarious fashion, Blaydes felt around in the air until he felt the doctor’s hand, felt the one finger, and said, “One!”. The doctor stopped the fight immediately after.

The Black Beast straight up murdered Gonzaga:

I want to see him against Mark Hunt next. I know everyone else is calling for Roy Nelson, and it makes way more sense, but hey, weirder fights have been made, especially recently.

Let’s not forget Cannonier killing Asker…

Killa Gorilla strikes! Asker’s head hitting the mat was tough to watch.

To close, here’s how Black Beast ended the press conference:

I hope he was kidding.


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