Georges St. Pierre: “There’s three things in life that excite me, a woman, dinosaurs, and the violence of the octagon”

Who says GSP isn’t a great talker? He just gave us the best quote in MMA history. 

Do I have a lot to add to this? No. Was this blog necessary? Yes. In a thousand years, when aliens come down to Earth, kill us all, then start digging around on the internet, I want this to be found. I want the aliens (hello to the aliens, by the way) to find this and use it as Georges St. Pierre’s legacy. This clip right here. Not his amazing record, the money he made, the press conferences he wasn’t allowed into. This quote. It’s so GSP. Such a subtle weirdo. His accent makes the quote 10x better, as well. I thought the quote was good enough as a tweet, but this video just enhanced the hell out of it. This is for you, aliens.


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